Top 5 Effective Lead Gen Strategies

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First and foremost, we must define what a lead is. A lead is when a user shows an interest in your product or service. 

Lead-gen is the process of generating leads into your sales flow or user funnel. For ecommerce, the end goal may be purchases, however leads for every business category is an important layer to growing the overall business. ​​Lead-gen can nurture qualified prospects from users showing tentative interest to becoming loyal customers. 

  1. Fill The Funnel With Paid Media. Meta advertising or top off funnel paid search marketing can help to drive qualified leads to your site. Target users based on different buyer personas, demographic data and interests to hone in on leads that will have a higher propensity to take meaningful action. Through a platform like Moz or SEMRush, pull search volume estimates relevant to your business’s product or service. Use this data to build Google search campaigns that bring in-market activity to your site.
  2. Landing Page Optimizations / Form Optimizations. So what happens after you’ve done the work of driving qualified leads to your site? It’s now the job of your landing page to convert users (converting in this instance generally means, providing user details, like an email address or phone number). According to Omnisend the highest converting number of fields within a lead form is 3. However, this is all relative to your product and if those three fields drive quality users or if you need more fields to prequalify the user. Also consider behavior triggered pop-ups to capture abandoned web users. 
  3. Email/SMS Marketing Automation Flows. Email marketing and SMS help marketers solve the leaky bucket problem once leads are generated. The most fundamental way to repair those leaks  for email and SMS automation is audience segmentation. Segmenting by opt-in date, specific user actions taken onsite, interests and more enable you to personalize the content for highly targeted messages. SMS marketing is becoming increasingly vital in marketer’s lead gen strategy. Afterall in 2021, 56% of web traffic took place on mobile phones.
  4. Strategic Free Incentives. According to Hubspot, 55% of top landing page submissions come from their eBooks.  Offering an incentive, or value-add to potential leads help boost conversion rates, but it also an opportunity to better understand your audience by testing different offerings to find out what resonates most with your target demos.
  5. Re-engagement and Customer Retention Campaigns. Brands focus the majority of their efforts on lead dgen acquisition, and tend to spend less time on nurturing their existing audience or re-engaging a more latent audience. This is essentially creating another leaky bucket effect that we’re trying to repair in the sales funnel flow. Keep the conversation going with your audience by providing thought leadership, exclusive incentives, and a sense of community.  The proof is in the numbers. Nurtured leads make 47% more purchases than non-nurtured leads.

With all successful marketing tactics, it takes iteration after iteration after iteration to fine-tune your lead gen strategy. Testing is the key to understanding your audience, the right message, content and automation flows to help drive your overall CAC.

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