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Spray Marketing is growing fast. We’re a female-founded company looking for passionate, talented people with the startup mindset and entrepreneurial spirit.

We’re based in New York City, but our team has the freedom to work remotely from home wherever they choose to live.


Free agents

20-30 hours/week

The flexibility of freelance offers the best of both worlds - dedicated hours every week with a little more free time than a standard 9/5 Mon/Fri office job. We have a core team that works 20+ hours a week on our projects. See what positions we’re currently looking for!


5-10 hours/week

Because our work is diverse, we are constantly on the hunt for new talent. Whether you’re working a full-time job but looking for a new outlet to engage with other companies and contacts, earn a little extra cash or keep your brain active, Spray Marketing has something to offer. We have a solid team of freelancer that we tap in whenever the client or project is a good fit for them!

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