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growth marketing team

We bridge the gap between strategy, product, and creative for data-driven execution.

The Anti-Agency Agency

Brands hire us when they want to stack a team of senior growth talent without the extra baggage. No unnecessary middle managers slowing down the line of communication. From strategy to execution, we’re your full service growth team without the fluff.

Why Brands Work With Us

One size does not fit all

Your business is unique, and so is the expertise you need. So we’ll build a team based on your exact goals. Our in-house crew is complemented by a network of growth experts who utilize our proven methods for scalable, sustainable growth.

We’re high-touch

We don’t operate like a traditional agency. We’re more like your in-house growth marketing partner, integrating directly with your team—from understanding operational, sales and marketing pain points to solving holistic problems that impact your bottom line. We help plan for the bigger picture, while also optimizing and refining every campaign to find maximum efficiencies.

We A/B test everything

When we say we A/B test everything, we mean everything. Our approach to growth is through strategic experimentation. No detail ever goes unturned.

We don’t skim off the top

Unlike most traditional agencies, we’ll never rely on your media spend for our personal business gain. We’re here to grow your business, not your overhead.

The data doesn’t lie

Brands we HELP GROW

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In a rapidly changing marketplace, we’ll build an acquisition roadmap tailored to your goals, so your business can rise above the clutter. Our cross-functional teams are transparent around strategy, execution and reporting—driving success through technical optimizations and creative iterations.

Email Marketing / SMS

We dig into the entire user journey, optimizing your full funnel to increase conversion rates. We’ll audit (or create) your automation flows and marketing campaigns through a proven step-by-step process of audience segmentation, copywriting, and design.


Moving the needle on conversion rates requires sticky creative. From ads to emails to landing pages, high-impact creative is formulaic. We design direct response assets through test-and-learns and proven methods that accelerate the path to growth.

Linear Advertising & OFFLINE

Our offline foundation is built on a highly vetted network of media experts from local & cable advertising, coupled with the latest programmatic specialists for audio and direct mailers. We run incrementality tests, IP match back, and utilize digital attribution tools for 100% transparency in reporting on measurements of success.

Their words, not ours

"We've worked with Spray Marketing since the beginning of Ceremonia and have been really impressed and satisfied with their work. They are an effective boutique agency without the nonsense, focused on real results. I love how their team is creative yet data-driven and nimble enough to course-correct whenever needed. Stephanie is highly engaged in the business which is always a big plus for founder-led agencies."
Babba Rivera, Founder of Ceremonia
"I spoke to a lot of marketers before deciding to work with Spray Marketing. I couldn't have asked for a better growth partner in our early journey from launch to largest consumer brand in psychedelic therapy"
Dylan Beynon, Founder of Mindbloom
"We look at Spray Marketing as a partner in building our DTC growth and they've proven to be exceptional at caring deeply about the success of our business. They're top notch at analytics and also hyper creative, making them the ideal growth marketing team for our brand."
Cyndi Ramirez, Founder of Chillhouse
"We've worked with a lot of marketing agencies and, by far, Spray Marketing has been the most helpful in helping us establish an effective and coordinated paid search and social strategy that delivers a phenomenal ROI. We could not be happier with how efficient and effective our ads have become! They make our marketing dollars go much further!"
Diana Ganz, Co-Founder of SuitShop
"One of the best in the business for performance marketing. Ruthlessly diligent, responsive, best yet—delivers beyond expectations."
Max Alexander, Founder of Ditto
"They are extremely attentive and incredibly knowledgeable and effective."
Nelson Kim, VP of Growth Marketing at UpLift
"They get really into the data and optimizations and have a great experience, specifically with consumer healthcare."
David Futoran, Co-Founder & CEO of Honeydew

Grow your business with a partner, not a vendor.

All of our channel experts have 10+ years of performance marketing experience coupled with our relentless approach to results. Reduce your risk of hiring an in-house marketer that can’t execute with precision, or time spent managing freelancers for quality assurance.

Talk to an expert, and see if you're a candidate for a FREE audit and growth plan.